11 Mirrors Design Hotel

To lead, not to follow: 11 Mirrors as the Sexiest Boutique Hotel in Ukraine


The choice is the reflection. For a person it’s the reflection of its world, neighborhood and inner self. Our choices define our lifestyle philosophy and charisma as well. For a brand it’s something that gives the access to its essence and core values and also differs from others.

11 Mirrors as a brand that shows the reflection of the latest trends of the world’s hospitality. The first design hotel in Kyiv presents the elegant synthesis of design, art and fashion. Our brand’s philosophy introduces passion for excellence, independence, courage and openness to the world.

Since the opening in 2012 our boutique hotel in Kyiv has received numerous prestige international awards - Ukraine's Leading Boutique Hotel by World Travel Awards, Expert’s Choice by TripExpert, Travellers' Choice by TripAdvisor, Seven Star Global Luxury Award and many other.

But this year 11 Mirrors has received quite unusual recognition. L’Officiel, French fashion magazine as an expert in the world of fashion, style and beauty has selected 11 Mirrors Design Hotel as the sexiest hotel in Ukraine. The special rating “Do not disturb: the sexiest hotels in the world” presents TOP-6 hotels with sexy, upbeat vibe from the whole world. 11 Mirrors Design Hotel meets the criteria for atmosphere of intimacy in design and additional amenities as Love box.

Such recognition is a new side of 11 Mirrors’ reflection, the reflection of the world’s latest trends.

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