Style Redesign for 11 Mirrors’ Front Desk Team

Style Redesign for 11 Mirrors’ Front Desk Team


11 Mirrors, one of Kyiv’s most original hotels, renewed the uniforms of its reception desk staff. A fresh new look is an awesome result of creative cooperation with BYURSE, Ukraine’s only fashion brand focusing on sheath dresses.

Set up 2011 by brothers Yuriy and Serhiy Barannikov, the brand offers women's stylish ready-to-wear, including pencil skirts, tops, blouses and cardigans. Most items are handmade.

BYURSE boasts an in-house production and uses only the highest quality fabrics and accessories supplied by reliable partners in Japan and Europe.

Serhiy Barannikov, the brand’s inspirer, managing director and designer, says: “I knew that 11 Mirrors was one of the most beautiful hotels in our city, my friends have stayed there a couple of times. Of course, an opportunity to join effort with a reputable property immediately attracted my attention. 11 Mirrors’ managers and I hit it off right away – from our first phone talk – then I just enjoyed the process.”

Olesia Konovalova, 11 Mirrors’ resident manager: “We, girls, strive to express our individuality through the way we dress. That is almost impossible to do at work, since one has to adhere to some certain business ethics, corporate style, and company concept. However, our new BYURSE outfits enable us to do it, while emphasizing our femininity. We like the design and colour palette that reflects 11 Mirrors’ contemporary spirit and artistic touch. Now we look elegant, impressive and beautiful as well as feel confident and comfortable.”

Moreover, these new uniforms allow guests to experience the hotel’s atmosphere and vibes the very minute they enter the place.

Serhiy Barannikov: «Our perfect cut is what makes us different, what we are proud of, what makes us win our clients’ head and heart. Our dresses will ideally suit any body shape. Hopefully, what we created for 11 Mirrors’ reception girls will be more than just a uniform. It will be something that will boost their moral at work and add something special to the hotel’s ambiance.”

As a design hotel, 11 Mirrors’ mission is to deliver new experiences to its guests through new services, new art objects and new images.

Our front desk girls comment: “We adore our new look. It makes us want to spread even more smiles around and radiate even more joy. It makes us want to like ourselves even more. Above all, it makes us want to give more positive, more powerful emotions to our guests”.

We hope it is just a beginning of our successful cooperation with BYURSE. So far, come and explore a new style of those at the forefront of 11 Mirrors’ hospitality.

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