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Stories of 11 Mirrors – Caroline Lamarche


At 11 Mirrors Design Hotel, we sincerely believe in the power of storytelling and would like to tell the stories of those who are willing to share. That’s how we came up with the Stories of 11 Mirrors, where we would like to spotlight very personal stories of those who come to our hotel.


During the VIII International Book Arsenal, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel has had the chance to host and talk to one of the most insightful storytellers of Belgium, the winner of Prix Russel award – Caroline Lamarche.


Le Jour du chien (Dog’s Day) – the first book ever written by Caroline; a story about four strangers that encounter the same dog, yet perceive it completely different. A book that delves into the essence of interpretation of the world based on personal experience.

At that time I felt quite trapped, even desperate, and looking at this dog I saw myself. All the characters in the book met the dog at the right time.

But, I must say that I relate the most to the first character – the truck driver. He used to write to the newspapers public mail. I used to do that as well. I wouldn’t write just for myself, because I simply didn’t have enough confidence. However, when there was something very upsetting happening in the world I would write to the newspaper.

I never thought I was going to become a writer, because for me – literature was too big, too beautiful. However, one day, I was contacted by the main newspaper in Belgium. They said that they have a letter for me, and asked if they can send it over. Of course I said yes! It was a reader, who only wrote the following “Stop writing to the newspaper, become a writer”. That was the beginning. I thought to myself, well, maybe I do have something to say.

We tend to misdefine the meaning of self-expression – overlook its presence. Storytelling – is one of the most effective and commonly used methods of self-expression, and that’s why we would like to continue telling the stories of bright personalities that choose the comfort of 11 Mirrors Design Hotel.

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