11 Mirrors Design Hotel

Tastes of the Contemporary: the origins of The Bar Book



Premium gin mix with Italian aperitif, liquor, Sencha cold brew tea and lemon. Lighten the cocktail with milk using an ancient technique of milk punch making. Exceptional, soft and balanced assortment of ingredients, seems like the cocktail is ready, but no, not just yet. We aerify the cocktail and serve it an elegant glass. We just made Champagne Chic, the new cocktail from the bar menu – The Bar Book.

10 years ago, this would be sufficient to keep the guest happy, but the world is changing and so is the perception of cocktails as well as the bar culture. A usual or unusual recipe is no longer enough to make the guest fall in love with the place.

A cocktail or any other drink is only a single element within the bar journey. The journey itself is quite big as it begins with the first time you think about the bar and ends with a farewell from the bartender after a pleasant night.

The experience and perception of the bar forms very gradually and every single detail is an essential part of the final image. Nothing within the journey can be left without attention, especially – the menu.


When 11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar was approaching its 1st year anniversary, we asked ourselves – how can we give more to accompany the journey?

Every single bartender is an ambassador of their bar, but, at the same time, he is the guide through the culture and customs of the city. Why can’t the introduction of the world around begin from the first pages of the menu?

The idea of combining the bar culture with traditions and elements of the everyday life became the new mission for our entire team, but where do we even begin? In which direction should we move?


Every single day at 11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar we see new faces, hear captivating stories and absolutely fall in love with them. New faces become familiar, but interesting stories do not end. This help us realize, how incredibly lucky we are to be able to meet remarkable individuals and we absolutely have to share their journeys.

So, there it is, a clear understanding of what we need to do. We need to find heroes of our time, representatives of business and creative fields, and invite them to join us in design of new signature cocktail, which will reflect the character, art and lifestyle of their inspirers.

We began our search from our own history and the friends of 11 Mirrors. After a few weeks, we were able to find incredibly talented and bright individuals, and started the cocktail development.


11 Mirrors Design Hotel opened its doors with a slogan “Reflecting you”, as the entire hotel and now the restaurant & bar are filled with mirror elements. This is why the theme of reflections and mirrors has become the fundament during the creation of The Bar Book.

“When we began the development of new cocktails, we’ve set a goal to be very precise in how we express the individuality and uniqueness of our heroes. New cocktails had to be a reflection of their inspirers within its complete manifestation – from color and glass choice to taste and its serve. That is why none of the design-cocktail have any similarities among them, because all the heroes possess contrasting qualities and follow their own lifestyle”


The Bar Book isn’t a simple menu, it’s an invitation to look differently on the bar world; an invitation to discover new tastes and new personalities; an invitation to choose cocktail not only due to its taste, but also due to values and history it beholds.

With The Bar Book we also wanted to tell a little bit of the bar history, that is why across your journey through the pages of the book you will also find an abundance of classic drinks in a form of a timeline – from the very first cocktails the world has seen to contemporary bestsellers of 11 Mirrors.

Join the journey through the tastes of the contemporary at 11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar!

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