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Reflection of thoughts: 6th “Book Arsenal”


During 20-24th of April, 2016 the international festival “Book Arsenal” will be held at “Mystetskiy Arsenal”, Ukraine’s national art and cultural complex. “Book Arsenal” is the biggest event in the field of literature and art in Ukraine.

11 Mirrors Design Hotel is the official partner of the festival for the third time in a row. As the most creative lifestyle hotel in Ukraine we know how much art of word means today. 11 Mirrors Design Hotel invites every art lover to Kyiv for “Book Arsenal” to dive into new ideas, new trends, new books and inspiration, of course.

The aim of the festival is to develop cultural modernization, self-education and to spread worth of reading. The idea of the festival is not to treat books as an attribute of modern life but consider them as a sphere of innovations with a tight connections with other creative industries.

Famous writers, philosophers and artists from more than 10 countries will be welcomed on the festival this year. Among them are such worldwide famous writers as Zygmunt Miłoszewski (Poland), Thomas Glavinic (Austria), Katalin Dorian Florescu (Switzerland), Carola Hansson (Sweden), Lars Svendsen and Vigdis Hjorth (Norway) and others.

Thrilling and unordinary event will be held on the 24th of April and it is called “The Night in the library”. The name of the event gives you the description itself: the list of Kyiv’s libraries will become locations for dj-sets, performances, exhibitions, books presentations, cinema shows and other great events.

Five days of the festival’s program includes: exhibitions and master-classes, workshops and art-spaces, contests, “Arsenal of Ideas” and “Book Arsenal Night” that is dedicated to the celebration of the International Book Day.

Book your stay at the most progressive and trendy hotel in Ukraine – 11 Mirrors Design Hotel – during the festival to become a part of creative society. Stay tuned!

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