11 Mirrors Design Hotel

Originals and Philosophy Behind 11 Mirrors Design Hotel

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11 Mirrors’ story began a few years ago when this strikingly original property with a contemporary outlook, artistic touch, and exceptional facilities emerged as a bold new project in the very heart of old and vibrant Kyiv.

11 Mirrors brings a new level of luxury to Ukraine’s hospitality scene. It is an unrivalled boutique hotel, which reflects guests’ lifestyle and inspires them to experience new emotions. It is the strong brand with its own philosophy and two extraordinary visionaries – Originals – behind it. We share our story with you.


11 Mirrors is a Member of Design Hotels™, a curated selection of nearly 300 one-of-a-kind properties in over 50 countries across the globe. Every single member in this collection is ‘Made by Originals’ – those with a passion for genuine hospitality, cultural authenticity and standout design that creates personality and emotion. All the properties absorb their Originals’ charisma and drive to offer memorable experiences to guests.

11 Mirrors is the concerted vision of international entrepreneur, inspirer and challenge manager Wladimir Klitschko and successful real estate developer Ruslan Oleksenko, both equally driven to come up with something exceptional that guests can truly see and feel.

For Klitschko, the hotel was born out of the years of travelling around the world. A demanding guest, he always dreamt about an ideal hotel, which would boast all the elements and amenities to make every guest happy and harmonious. “Together with a professional team, I developed a great destination both for business leaders and travellers, who are treated here as precious members of the family, not as visitors,” explains Wladimir Klitschko.

11 Mirrors’ concept – as its name suggests – reflects 11 vital qualities and values of an accomplished personality. “Here every element, feature, detail and amenity strives to mirror guests’ inner selves and desires as well as encourages them to enjoy new impressions, which is represented in the hotel’s slogan: Reflecting you,” comments Ruslan Oleksenko, whose own worldliness played a part in the 11 Mirrors vision.

All 49 rooms and suites anticipate the desires of the discerning guests through panoramic windows offering gorgeous city views and SPA-inspired bathrooms made of glass blocks. These are key features of thought-provoking design, which allows every guest to inhabit and savour their own luxury retreat. Besides, guests can also enjoy all the benefits the enticing neighbourhood has to offer, by day and by night – 11 Mirrors provides whatever a lifestyle traveller wants, both within and beyond the property.

“It is not just our hotel’s concept, but its philosophy, which says people should achieve harmony and balance in their life,” says Ruslan Oleksenko.

“I am sure that the brand has great prospects for the future. We always think different, but in a good and better way!” declares Wladimir Klitschko.

Within a short period of time, 11 Mirrors earned global popularity as Ukraine’s first and only award-winning design hotel, conceived as a perfect destination for business leaders and independent, creative people.

A pioneer in every sense of the word, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel helps the international community shape a new vision of Ukraine: cosmopolitan, inspiring, contemporary, urban, broad-minded, and collaborative.

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