Naides invade Kyiv: Marta Syrko’s original photos are exhibited in 11 Mirrors

Naides invade Kyiv: Marta Syrko’s original photos are exhibited in 11 Mirrors


On 18 July, 11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar hosted the opening ceremony of the exhibition titled NAIDES revealing works by young Ukrainian photographer Marta Syrko.

Marta Syrko’s success and creative vision went beyond the borders of her native Lviv long ago. Throughout her career she took part in exhibitions in Paris, London, Arles and Linz. Now her first solo exposition is taking place in Kyiv. The location was not chosen by chance – 11 Mirrors often partners many cultural events going on in the city and becomes a venue for significant art projects and fashion shows.

Martha Syrko’s 11 nonstandard, fascinating photographs adorn the space of 11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar and offer a new interpretation of the myth about Narcissus. As the legend goes, he cruelly refused to accept a beautiful nymph’s love and was consequently punished by Artemis: the guy fell in love with his own reflection in in the waters of a spring.

The images of female nymphs presented in the photo project are fragments of reflection in a pool of water and mirrors. They have a form, but it cannot be seen, it is only a reflection.

Marta Syrko explains the NAIDES concept: “The idea of interactivity is implemented this way – a recipient expects to see his\her reflection in the water, but sees someone else instead. Postmodernists would address the topic of mirror deformations as a symbol of personality decay, depersonalization, etc.”

The key message is not to see yourself in the water, but someone else, think about something else. The NAIDES exposition resonates with the philosophy of 11 Mirrors – Reflecting You – and expresses our core values: a constant wish to grow and develop, creative approach to life, passion for what you do and desire for inner harmony.

Ruslan Oleksenko, one of Originals behind 11 Mirrors Design Hotel and Founder of DEOL Partners, comments: “11 Mirrors is an extraordinary, independent lifestyle hub with a special atmosphere that unites a renowned design hotel and rooftop restaurant. It is a place that brings together successful entrepreneurs, creative people, trendsetters to meet, network and socialise. 11 Mirrors supports art and conceptual projects that inspires everyone to find their own reflections and analyse their own experience.”

The opening was attended by many well-known individuals including Dasha Astafieva, Sasha Chistova, Lilit Sarkisian, Katya Svinarchuk, Jean Gritsfeldt, Marina Karpiy, Gigi Dedalamazishvili.

DJ and model Ksenia Palfi set a perfect mood for the night. Guests were treated to signature drinks handcrafted by 11 Mirrors’ chef barman.

We invite everyone to the NAIDES exhibition accommodated by 11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar. You can observe photos while enjoying a glass of quality wine or world class unique cocktail. The restaurant is open every day from 7 am to 2 am.

The exhibition will last until July 28

DEOL Partners is 11 Mirrors’ hotel operator, developer and managing company.

About Marta Syrko:
Marta is an author of at least 100 book covers, she has been assigned an ambassador of 500px (a worldwide online photography network), and a representative of BERGNER EUROPE S.L. art foundation. Her models include well known Dasha Astafieva, Sasha Chistova, Alina Pash, and Jean Gritsfeldt. Among her clients are Edgar Kaminskiy, Lara Quint and many more. You can learn more about Marta’s works on the Behance visual platform where she has clocked up more than half a million of views –,

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