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Music without frontiers – exclusive concert in Kyiv`s St. Sophia


11 Mirrors Design Hotel, managed by DEOL Partners, becomes a partner of an important initiative, launched to support one of the greatest monuments of Ukraine and world culture.

14 December, Kyiv’s St. Sophia, a famous Ukrainian spiritual centre, will host a landmark event in Europe – Music Without Frontiers. PAPA DJ from Monte Carlo will come to the capital to present an exclusive charity livestream performance. He will play a three-hour DJ-set, from 7 pm until 10 pm, mixing electronic world Music with ethnic sound.

During the event, it will be possible to make online donations. The raised money will be spent on renovating St. Sophia’s Bell Tower.

The ambitious project, organized by Kuzmenko PR & Events, combines the Past (ancient historical monuments), the Present (modern-day DJ sets) and the Future of humankind. “The art and culture of entertainment must not be forgotten in a moment of emergency like this, on the contrary, it must be considered a primary necessity for our society and for young people. A Buddha style philosophy – the life is music”, says PAPA DJ.

“11 Mirrors has always been a unique international lifestyle hub bringing together creative, likeminded individuals, trendsetters and entrepreneurs to exchange their ideas, energy, and visions. With travel restrictions remaining in place, now it is extremely important to feel a connection with the global community and realise that we are still together. Music is a universal language. It goes beyond boundaries and unites people all over the world. That’s why we are happy to be part of this project. It supports not only culture, art and tourism sectors, but also other industries, giving us a hope for a speedy recovery from coronavirus. Above all, it strives to help restore a UNESCO object, a historical and architectural gem of our beloved city, and we want to contribute to it,” says Ruslan Oleksenko, DEOL Partners’ Founder and Managing Partner.

PAPA DJ is the pseudonym of Donato Papadia, one of the founders of DJs, who invented the fusion concept of Buddha bar music. He is one of the most outstanding Italian DJs in the world. He performs in more than 300 clubs in Italy and Monte Carlo and often participates in large-scale shows, including Grand Prix, Rolex Tennis Masters, Grand Rose Ball, Summer Ball, Yacht Show, Mies and others.

His performance in Kyiv will be live-streamed on PAPA DEE JAY’s Facebook page and Youtube channel as well as on local and international partner-web platforms. Drones that will fly over the area will immortalize the performance with pictures and videos that will then be used to create a documentary.

Kyiv is the first capital to host the project to be followed by Baku, Istanbul, Tbilisi and other cities. Kuzmenko PR & Events is an international public relations agency with ten years of experience in culture, art and communications in Italy, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.

PAPA DJ for Music Without Frontiers
St. Sophia, Livestream Kyiv 2020
14 December, 19.00/ 22.00
Some useful links: https://www.facebook.com/kuzmenkoprevents.official, http://papa-dj.com/

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