Light Up Your Autumn

Light Up Your Autumn


When the calendar changes to November, you know winter is fast approaching. But don’t despair! There are loads of great shows designed to please you. Here are the best events in November to attend if you’re in Kyiv.

9 November 2019 BREAKS. EVIL NINE (LONDON, UK)

After 15 years of touring the world, releasing two albums and more than a hundred official remixes, including Gorillaz, Moby, UNKLE, British electronics veteran Tom Beaufoy returns to Kiev!

Among fans and critics of EVIL NINE have earned a reputation as those who boldly experiment, combining various styles in their DJ sets.

The sound of EVIL NINE is the soundtrack to the Hollywood movie at the junction of breaks, electro and techno. Their sets are distinguished by a variety of styles, elegantly woven into a single canvas according to the rules of drama. Party guests will have a journey into vintage electronics with an outstanding guide from the future - Tom Beaufoy aka EVIL NINE!

13 November 2019 THEORY

Having won the hearts of millions around the world, the musicians are ready to replenish their army of fans. The Canadian rock band will present its latest album Wake up Call to the metropolitan public.

Theory has long been rooted in the hearts of connoisseurs of melodic post-grunge.

"The Theorists" are also famous for the soundtracks for the popular game Fahrenheit, the movies Spiderman and Transformers. The band's music feature was a cool combination of alternative metal and hard rock with notes of acoustics and country elements.

Atmospheric melodies and Tyler Connolly's magnetic vocals are the key to a cool evening.

14 November 2019 LERA LYNN

For the first time in Ukraine, the author and performer of the soundtracks of the second season of the TV series "True Detective" is an incomparable American folk-diva with the beautiful voice of Lera Lynn.

Despite the attention to her writing skills, the singer also amazes critics with her vocal range. Rolling Stone magazine called her voice "extremely insightful."

Lera Lynn is hundreds of shows around the world, a combination of styles from country and blues to indie - year and American, collaboration with the legends of T Bone Burnett, Rosanne Cash and a whole album of Plays Well With Others duets with famous American folk musicians like JD McPherson and John Paul White.

All that is needed in the fall is sad ballads to the accompaniment of a guitar, strong female vocals, chamber atmosphere

14 November 2019 MARUV

MARUV is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter, sound producer, director of her own show and her own life. A vivid example of a woman who made herself. She knows exactly how to make a song that will make millions dance or cry, what modern music is and how a bright, daring show looks like.

Already this fall, you can become a spectator of her amazing show.

30 November 2019 JAMALA

Today Jamala is one of the most famous Ukrainian singers and songwriters - in her arsenal there are four long-playing and one mini-album. The new record "Kryla" was released in October 2018, and on February 1, 2019 the singer presented the single Solo, written by American authors led by multi-platinum producer and songwriter Brian Todd.

At a concert in Kyiv, Jamala will present a new program, which will contain iconic songs from all of her albums.

Each of these compositions is a certain milestone in the history of the singer. Lyrical “Zaplutalas” and life-affirming Y
You're Made Of Love, mysterious The Great Pretender and inspiring to new achievements of “Kryla” - the viewer is waiting for an exciting show full of beautiful music and stunning visual effects.

Enjoy the New program and unforgettable atmosphere.

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