11 Mirrors Design Hotel

Jogging Corner: run for life


Running is about reconnecting with nature, and in some sense, connecting with ourselves. Running is enjoyment and health. You can (and need) to run no matter what season of the year or what kind of weather it is.

Realizing the importance of the morning run, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel offers unusual for Ukraine, but very popular in the world’s hotelier practice service - jogging corner. Various things for running are located in a specially designed corner: jogging maps with various routes, bottles with mineral water, apples and towels. Since 11 Mirrors is a hotel in Kyiv city center we suggest Shevchenko Park or Botanical Garden as two perfect places for a morning run. Depending on the guest choice, the routes have different lengths and levels of difficulty. For those who think about stretching after running there are yoga mats in the corner.

Inspiring guest for morning exercises 11 Mirrors Design Hotel takes care about maintaining their good mood and good fit. Take an opportunity to see new facets of Kiev, to breathe fresh air and enjoy birds singing, to bask in the sun or feel raindrops with your skin.

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