Invitation for Cooperation: Original Sculpture for 11 Mirrors Design Hotel and Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

Invitation for Cooperation: Original Sculpture for 11 Mirrors Design Hotel and Rooftop Restaurant & Bar


There is an abundance of talented, inventive and progressive people in Ukraine wishing to unleash their potential. This opportunity has arisen! We are looking for an artist or a group of artists to create nonstandard art objects for the 11 Mirrors brand.

Nestling right in Kyiv’s heart, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel is a charismatic award-winning boutique hotel developed as a destination for those who understand the value of their emotional experiences. The first design hotel in Eastern Europe, 11 Mirrors enjoys wide popularity worldwide and ranks No.1 among Ukraine’s and Kyiv’s hotels on TripAdvisor’s list.

11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar has emerged as a high-end dining addition to the high-end property. It is a place where art of mixology meets fine Ukrainian-European fusion cuisine and innovative lighting design, accompanied by a glorious city skyline view. The bar, launched in cooperation with one of the world’s top barmen, serves premium spirits and meticulously crafted one-of-a-kind World Class cocktails – each one complying with 11 Mirrors brand’s philosophy.

Within a short span of time, 11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar has been voted No.1 on TripAdvisor’s list of more than 2 000 diners in Kyiv.

Thus, 11 Mirrors has evolved into an independent lifestyle hub with a unique engaging atmosphere that brings together successful likeminded individuals to make new friends and expand business contacts, network and exchange knowledge, generate new projects and cooperate as well as relax and have fun.

11 Mirrors is an island of creative activities that keeps attracting world known celebrities, including Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars; English duo Chemical Brothers, iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger; Lady Gaga's favourite designer Charlie Le Mindu; American singer and stage actor Adam Lambert; Polish contemporary artist Jerzy Onuch, Michelin-starred chef
Rubén Trincado, world-class ballet dancer François Alu, Italian football manager Alberto Zaccheroni; cult Icelandic band GusGus and Ukrainian singer Jamala. This list is far from complete.

11 Mirrors often plays host to fashion shows and contemporary art exhibitions that cause a stir in the public. Moreover, we collect nonstandard artefacts crafted by gifted artists from all over the world. Just take a look at our Man of Love – an impressive bronze sculpture by Italian-born Gianmaria Bona – that welcomes you at the hotel’s entrance.

Do you wish to cooperate with us and come up with something awesome to express our core philosophy – Reflecting you? If so, your future sculpture or sculptures is most likely to adorn 11 Mirrors’ space and showcase your capacities to both national and international communities.

We are always open for new ideas and solutions – Wladimir Klitschko, boxing legend and one of the visionaries behind the 11 Mirrors brand, will help us select the best sculpture concept and award the winner.

Let's get acquainted and make together something inspiring, beautiful and cutting-edge.
To learn more about cooperation with 11 Mirrors and submit your application, please contact Anna Azarova at

DEOL Partners is 11 Mirrors’ hotel operator, developer and managing company.

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