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Fight for Your Dreams Together with 11 Mirrors


Klitschko Foundation, a Ukrainian leading sport-developing charitable organisation, in partnership with 11 Mirrors Design Hotel has launched a special product line to boost awareness about the ‘Fight for Your Dream’ campaign. It is an initiative that helps Ukrainian children reach success in sport, science and education.

Any guest of 11 Mirrors can take part in this noble cause and donate directly to Klitschko Foundation during their stay at the hotel. The most active contributors will obtain a unique present – an exclusive T-shirt, ‘Fight for Your Dream’ collection.

It is not the first time 11 Mirrors has cooperated with Klitschko Foundation on charitable projects designed to promote physical education in comprehensive and sports schools nationwide.

“The collection "Fight for Your Dream" is designed to inspire philanthropists to fight for children's dreams. For 15 years we have been investing in the development of little active Ukrainians. They boldly take responsibility and become leaders in their societies. Their embodied dreams create the history of Ukrainian success,” comments Alina Nosenko, Director of the Klitschko Foundation.

“11 Mirrors has a proven track record in social responsibility and healthy lifestyle. It is two of our fundamental principles that form the brand’s philosophy,” says Maryna Rymarenko, General Manager of 11 Mirrors Design Hotel and Partner for strategic development, investments and hospitality at DEOL Partners. “We share the same values with Klitschko Foundation that strives to keep Ukrainian children on their path to a healthy, productive and harmonious future. We are happy to say that 11 Mirrors’ guests, coming from all over the world, generously and actively support these initiatives. Generosity is one of 11 qualities of those choosing out design hotel and its inspiring environment.”

11 Mirrors invites everybody to join and expand the like-minded community of socially responsible people who want to contribute to a better tomorrow.

Those wishing to take part in the project can donate directly at 11 Mirrors Design Hotel or via the website http://klitschkofoundation.org.

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