Concierge Guide: Cultural Pleasures of Summer

Concierge Guide: Cultural Pleasures of Summer


There are many ways to enjoy summer to the fullest. For those wishing to explore a cultural variety of Kyiv, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel offers some useful tips.

On June 24, you can indulge in classical music at the National Philharmonic – a venue for the Superhero concert that will offer movie soundtracks performed by Ukraine’s
National Academic Brass Band.

If you’re not a fan of classical music, how about Live Jazz Monday? Alexei Yarovenko’s Blues Band will present the program Bad Boy Blues in the Caribbean Club Concert Hall. Their music is modern, though it fully adopts the blues style combining funk, soul, and rock 'n' roll.

Black Colour Triumph by Tetyana Korol and Nabil Wehbe. For lovers of modern art, the art project Black Colour Triumph will be open until June 30. Through works by two talents, Ukrainian artist Tetyana Korol and Lebanese sculptor Nabil Wehbe, the exhibition aims to show that black is a colour of greatness, aristocracy and nobility. 15 paintings and 15 sculptures are interwoven with each other, while creating a a powerful emotional impact. Special light effects enable attendees to find their own black colour in works on display.

Armageddon by Mikyta Kravtsov and Kamil Kravtsova. Armageddon is the title for the exhibition compiling collages, embroidery and paintings at Port Creative Hub. The authors reflect on violence in society that keeps increasing, on self-deprecation that gradually brings us closer to Armageddon and on what will happen after the end of the world. The exhibition presents works created specifically for this project and presented earlier in New York. It will be open until June 30.

Nothing Extra by Hamlet Zinkovsky. Advertising forces us to purchase useless things and adhere to pointless rules. However, if you look carefully, you will see that you are surrounded by meaningless things you don’t need at all. This is a concept of Hamlet Zinkovsky’s project Nothing Extra. The exhibition takes place at M17 Contemporary Art Center until June 30 and displays paintings, graphics, photographs and archival materials by the Ukrainian contemporary artist.

If There Had Been a Garden by Alevtina Kakhidze. The exhibition will treat you to a range of videos and graphics, as well as conceptual flowerbeds the author created in conjunction with eco-and social activists. The artist regards a garden as a form of politics. Every gardener is considered a politician, who, despite Nature, chooses how to grow plants in the garden and, how to tend the garden. ‘The garden and the gardener’ metaphor enables the author to use non-violent communication tools to talk about global politics. The exhibition will be open until July 2.

Non-Stop Painting by Oleh Holosiy. The exhibition will be open until August 11, at the Mystetskyi Arsenal, to present more than 70 paintings, 50 graphic artworks, 40 photographs, archival materials collected from 20 museum and private collections, as well as from Oleh Holosiy’s house. Most of these artworks are unknown, and some of them are exhibited for the first time ever. Modern multimedia will introduce you to the most interesting exposition solutions implemented at the exhibitions held abroad in the artist’s lifetime.

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