11 Mirrors Design Hotel

A Better Future for Children


11 Mirrors Design Hotel supports My Future Profession designed to help children in orphanages and rehab centers see better life prospects.

Launched by TulSun Foundation, this long-term charity initiative inspires kids to pursue ambitious careers while connecting them with successful business communities and prosperous companies.

Last week, a group of children made an amazing journey to 11 Mirrors Design Hotel. Our managers were happy to show them around and introduce them to the hospitality industry.

“I want to work at a hotel!” is what the kids said afterwards, according to the organisers.

“Most kids were inside a hotel for the first time ever, and 11 Mirrors will become a gold dream they will aspire to fulfil, a guiding star that will show them a path towards success”, TulSun Foundation representatives comment.

We are proud to be partners in My Future Profession that absolutely resonates with 11 Mirrors’ core values.

Iryna Dzhulai, Head of Operations at DEOL Partners (developer and managing company of 11 Mirrors Design Hotel): «I would like to invite companies from other industries to support the project and pick up the baton. It is a two-way process based on shared experiences. You pass on your knowledge and skills to kids in exchange for their valuable feedback. You get acquainted with a younger generation, and it is so inspiring to see their eyes sparkle with enthusiasm and joy, animated in what you present to them. Our own success stories and real-life examples help them realise that everything is possible. One can and must go soul searching to find one’s place in the world. One must pursue one’s passion to do what one truly loves».

We believe this socially important initiative will encourage Ukrainian children to follow their dream and express their potential. Children are our tomorrow, and we want to make it better.

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