Best Events to Go in Kyiv in September 2019

Best Events to Go in Kyiv in September 2019


September announces the end of summer but there are plenty of reasons why September can be as great as summer days. If you’re wondering why and where to go in Kyiv in September, you may be happy to discover that there are great events that will be pleasant for you. Check out our guide to music events which can transform into memorable experiences.

2 September 2019 JMSN

JMSN has earned the love of the public with unforgettable live performances and style, and is inspired by such legends as: Puff Daddy, Usher, and founder of The Commodores by Thomas McClairen. He has been featured in the recording of Kendrick Lamar's album "good kid, mAAd city", so that his vocals can be heard in three tracks: "Do not Kill My Vibe", "Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst," and "Real" In 2016, JMSN produced and wrote a song for Mac Miller, "Skin", on the 4th studio album of The Miller's "The Divine Feminine". In addition to these works, JMSN also collaborated with such actors as: J Cole, The Game, Tyga, Ab-Soul, Kaytrnada, Ta-ku, Sango and many others.

Currently, he is preparing a new album and publishing puzzling photos with an incomplete tracker, and launches streaming on YouTube, where they tweet new music.

This evening, the singer will immerse you in the charming atmosphere of guitar grub and sensual vocals!

6 September 2019 COM TRUISE

For nearly a decade, Com Truise’s visionary story has been based on science fiction and abstract facts. His long-awaited LP Iteration (2017) completed the conceptual saga of a space character named Com Truise while simultaneously reflecting the seismic changes in the life of producer and designer Seth Haley (the real name of the musician). The Persuasion System mini-album (2019) Hayley begins a new period - on this planet, in the present, embodying his most ambitious plans.

This album began as an experiment. Haley changed his palette of sound and gave himself more freedom - thus, freed from expectations and gave way to the process, reflecting the tone of his inner circle. The album is dominated by a
certain duality - melancholy and optimism, past and present.

Allow yourself to join dancing on the bank of the Dnipro and an unforgettable atmosphere in the end of the work week!

11 September 2019 PAUL GILBERT

In addition to a brilliant solo career, among the achievements of Paul Gilbert are touring with Joe Satriani on the G3, taking part in many tribute concerts, in collaboration with legendary virtuoso drummer Mike Portnoy, dozens of popular albums played both solo and with other famous musicians. An unusual live performance, amazing artistry, a guitar game that combines all the most complex versions of performance, as well as amazing experiments with various styles have turned Paul Gilbert into a real star. According to Classic Rock magazine, Paul Gilbert is on the list of the greatest guitarists of all time!

At the concert as part of the Behold Electric Guitar Tour, Paul will play not only new material, but also selected items from old albums, and will also certainly prepare some surprises for his fans.

13 September 2019 HOW TO DRESS WELL

How To Dress Well - this is Tom Crell. Tom is a singer, producer, writer and philosopher. His music is sometimes ambient, sometimes brilliant pop, and sometimes an alien soundtrack. All this can be heard exclusively this autumn, when How To Dress Well for the first time in Ukraine will present his new album.

The new album How To Dress Well called The Anteroom was released in October 2018. It consists of a single, long-playing composition of psychedelic music that sounds with Crell’s magical and enchanting sound experiments. The stories Сrell tells on this album are partly biographical, some of them rooted in the remotest corners of human life — all very personal and humane.

Kiev is waiting for an unearthly audio-visual performance that will unite the most important components of all performances of How To Dress Well: highly emotional vocals, brilliance of sound and rhythmic electronics.


Temperate deciduous forest is a unique event on Kyiv electronic music scene, dedicated to dark ambient in its most interesting and bravest manifestations. At this party, you can wrap in cozy and peaceful soundscapes of natural environments, feel raw power of an industrial city or dive into introspection under hypnotic music with notes of melancholy, filled with energy of sincere emotions.

This evening as well as other events of Ambient Underground has its purpose in revealing the genre for the audience at maximum level and giving the listener an opportunity to hear the electronic music, created not for dance floors, but for deep concentration on thoughts and feelings.

17 September 2019 2019 BALTHAZAR

Balthazar is finally returning to Kyiv with a presentation of the new Fever album, which is considered the best in the discography of the band.

Fever has earned the first place in Belgium, and the tour was bought by arenas in western Europe in a few days. This is not surprising. Because Balthazar has all the options - a group that is attractive to everyone. For music lovers, for critics, for those who collect vinyl. Even for glossy editions. So, despite its indie-fate, the band retains a chic and style that attracts the attention of editors from the world of fashion.

In Kyiv, the band will play not only songs from Fever, but also their biggest hits - from Bunker to Do Not Claim Them Anymore. The heat will be not only on the street, but also in the concert hall, because fans of the group know - their tracks and the atmosphere they create during the show, warming up better than any blanket.

20 September 2019 SALVADOR SOBRAL

The Portuguese singer, Salvador Sobral, accompanied by the best jazz musicians of the world, will perform in Kyiv as part of the world tour to support the new album “Paris, Lisboa”.

He charmed the whole world with his sincere singing on the stage of Eurovision-2017 in Kyiv. Millions of viewers around the world fell in love with his music and the piercing history of life. For his performance at the song contest Salvador has collected a record for the show the number of points and won for Portugal.

You have an incredible opportunity to hear live winning «Amar Pelos Dois» and songs from the new album «Paris, Lisboa».

29 September 2019 WHITE LIES

One of the best post-punk bands in Britain, White Lies, will give a big solo concert in the capital. This year the trio released the fifth album with a very simple name - Five.

The band was formed in 2007 in London, when Harry McVeigh, a guy with a melancholic look and a memorable baritone, joined Charles Cave and Jack Lawrence-Brown. Two years later, they released their debut album «To Lose My Life...», which immediately led the British chart and received a "golden" certificate. In a sense, it is considered one of the most iconic albums in the post-punk river genre.

Listeners and critics immediately fell in love with simple but energetic arrangements, McVay's vocals and cold atmosphere. On the aggregators Album of the Year and Metacritic, «Five» has the highest marks from all White Lies albums.

Very soon, Ukraine will also be able to evaluate the new White Lies. Immerse yourself in the brand coolness of the group!

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