Best Events to Go in Kyiv in January 2020

Best Events to Go in Kyiv in January 2020


Ukrainians traditionally welcome the new year with loud celebrations. But because of this, it’s surprisingly filled with concerts. Concerts, shows, and events abound. Here are a few of the best events in January if you’re in Kyiv.

06 – 07 January 2020 DAKH DAUGHTERS

Christmas with Dakh Daughters - a festival of musical colors and the magic of theater, a kaleidoscope of songs and dramatic rooms, a concert and a theater performance at the same time. New songs and well-known hits, Christmas motifs in modern interpretation, "angelic songs" and "devil songs", a whirlwind of turbulent feelings and subtle emotions will be waiting for you.

10 January 2020 INGRID ARTHUR (USA)

Each composition by Ingrid Arthur is a small gospel confession, a sincere story told by the expressive voice of the gospel. During her career, Ingrid managed to become a member of several legendary groups, including Weather Girls and The Black Gospel Voices of America. Being the soloist of The Black Gospel Voices of America for 12 years, Ingrid gave more than 500 concerts in 96 countries. Everywhere her professionalism and unique voice were rewarded with stormy applause and the love of the viewer.

This evening Ingrid will perform the author's program, as well as his favorite songs of legendary jazz artists, including Etta James and Aretha Franklin. Get ready to hear a mix of soul, funk and blues performed by one of the strongest voices in music history!


The contemporary tango performance EXIT is the second collaboration of the Ukrainian quartet KIEV TANGO PROJECT, artists of the WAVE dance theater and producer Svetlana Shevetovskaya.

Through dance, plastic, acting, incredibly beautiful music performed by our extremely charismatic artists in the EXIT tango performance, we will show intriguing storylines about the fate of people with a certain psychological dependence, who, settling in the subconscious, begin to control their lives.

19 January 2020 PICARDY TERTIUS

"Tale on the White Paws" - this is the name of the album, created jointly by "Piccardian Tertius" and blind children from all over Ukraine: from Lviv and Dnipro, from Rivne and Mykolayiv, from Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil ... Author of music to all songs from this unique The collection was made by one of the "piccardians" - Jaroslav Nudik. The album was supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

"This program is a Christmas carol song, full of children's naivety and sincerity on the one hand, and of Piccardian professionalism and polyphony on the other," says Vladimir Yakimets, artistic director of the vocal formation "Piccardian Tertia".

22 January 2020 JACOB BANKS

About Banks, as a performer, the world learned seven years ago thanks to the debut mini-album The Monologue and the track Worthy, which put on the air the famous DJ Zane Law. Someone in a comment to Worthy on YouTube then wrote: "This guy could have recorded an awesome song for a James Bond movie."

But Banks's most important feature is sincerity. He wants to be honest not only in the compositions, but also in the exchange with the listener.

30 January 2020 DAMIEN ESCOBAR

The sensual sounds of a violin performed by the solo sound even brighter than with the whole orchestra. For the first time a live concert by Damien Escobar captivated the Ukrainian audience in 2018.

His "violin crossover" gives birth to a mix of classics, jazz, pop, rhythm and blues and hip-hop. Escobar's 2017 "Boundless" Album for the first day of release was in the Top 10 of the Billboard Classical Crossover Charts and ranked first on iTunes. So don't miss the grand return of DAMIEN ESCOBAR on the Ukrainian scene!

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