August`s Best Musical Events

August’s Best Musical Events


This is our monthly guide to Kyiv’s best events. We have selected the most inspiring music shows, concerts, festivals, and parties you will definitely enjoy.


For the first time ever, Kyiv will host a world-known Berlin-based techno-legend – Paul Kalkbrenner! Paul is one of the most famous German DJs – he is considered an indisputable influencer in the world of "new techno" as well as a Berlin underground music leader and inspirer. He is renowned for his single "Sky and Sand," which went Platinum with over 200,000 copies sold and topped charts in Belgium and Germany.

Famous German DJ and electronic music producer Paul Kalkbrenner will perform in Ukraine’s capital in early August.

2 August 2019 ACID KYIV

ACID Kyiv brings together stars that have clocked up to millions of views on YouTube in recent years. They take part in the world's largest open-airs, they perform in front of thousands of people in Europe, and this summer they will attend a rave party that will take place at Kyiv’s Green Theater. Outdoor techno raves can be highly entertaining if they offer a laid-back atmosphere enhanced with green plants and a fresh air, right?

You can spend the night dancing to an ultimate blend of house and techno tunes performed by Âme (live), Joris Voorn, Victor Ruiz, and many more.

16-17 August 2019 WHITE NIGHTS

Beautiful people, crazy ideas, thousands of lights, bittersweet cocktails, golden metafan in the green grass, new rhythms, the art of scenery and a special atmosphere – this is all about White Nights!

One of the main stage headliners is Planet Funk, a key performer in Italy’s electronic music scene. Their singles have been topping charts since 2001 while offering an intriguing mix of rock, dance and electro compositions.

The line-up includes Sagan, known for his Future House tracks Boomers and Happiness, and musician and composer DJ Lutique. Dozens of fabulous animals and forest inhabitants, futuristic white chandeliers, photo zones, 105 top performers on five stages are just some highlights of the summer’s core dance event.

17 August 2019 SHE WANTS REVENGE

She Wants Revenge – Los Angeles-based guests come to Ukraine for the first time ever!
These main drivers behind post-punk revival will introduce Kyiv’s audiences to their new album that is still under development. You can be one of the first in the world to listen to it.

In the years of 2000-2009, the band performed together with Depeche Mode and Placebo. Today, they rival Interpol, Sister Of Mercy and Bauhaus. Musicians are not afraid of putting their creativity on hold to unexpectedly come up with brand new projects. Attending this live concert is the best way to plunge into a somber atmosphere of their music!

23 August 2019 BEISSOUL & EINIUS

Beissoul & Einis is a phenomenon stemming from the duet’s amazing charisma, plasticity, mesmerizing electronic music and surrealistic outfits.
The avant-garde duo from Vilnius experiments with sounds, dances and fashion, while seamlessly mixing the said elements. They transform everything they deal with into art. That is what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Soon, the computer alchemist and the singer will treat you to music of the future that is a blend of charming melodies and powerful vocals. Find out what electrofashion is like and you won’t forget this night!

27 August 2019 FOALS

Foals will again visit Ukraine with a big solo concert!
Foals did not produce new releases for about four years – they were fully engaged with a tour in support of their latest record What Went Down. Afterwards, Foals took a one-year break. During this period bass player Walter Gervas abandoned the band. His decision prompted the group to alter their approach to creating and selecting songs. As a result, this year you will hear even two full-fledged albums.

According to front man Yannis Philippakis, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost will have a different mood. He says that the first part will be grungier and dancelike, which is obvious in the first singles Exits and On The Luna. The second part is a ‘solid work’ echoing the clips What Went Down, Inhaler and Providence.

31 August 2019 LATEXFAUNA

Imagine how cool it is to enjoy emotion-driven tunes by Latexfauna while sipping your favorite summer cocktail. "We invite everyone to join us in saying goodbye to summer, as you imbibe your drinks and dance on the sand on a Saturday night lit by rays of the setting sun," the musicians say.

The band’s bold lyrics are based around psychedelic plots that pull the strings of Subconscious. Their compositions sound utterly different from what you have heard before.

Previously, LATEXFAUNA performed three times at the Atlas Club to the sold-out audience. A big bonus will be a following club party – free for all those who have bought tickets for the LATEXFAUNA concert.

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