11 Mirrors Design Hotel

2017 in 11 Mirrors Design Hotel: Review from General Manager

In the hotel


Maryna Leo, General Manager of 11 Mirrors and Partner for strategic development, investments, and hospitality at DEOL Partners, reflected on achievements of the design hotel in 2017:

“I would like to begin by noting that the results achieved in 2017 and the years prior would not be possible without our incredibly talented team, partners, and a rewarding community. The accomplishments of last year are a motivation to preserve our position as a top hotel as well as to display improvements and developments in the year of 2018.

The dynamic year of 2017 has been remarkable for both 11 Mirrors Design Hotel and its partners. Our unique and brand-oriented boutique hotel has outdone himself by receiving numerous awards and maintaining its leading position within the hospitality sector.

In 2017, TripAdvisor has awarded 11 Mirrors Design Hotel with awards such as:

- Best Kyiv’s Hotel
- Best Ukraine’s Hotel
- Best Service
- Hotels Europe
- Luxury Hotel

In addition, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel has participated in World Luxury Hotel Awards 2017 and added three prestigious awards to its collection:

- Best Design Hotel
- Best City Hotel
- Best Boutique Hotel

Finally, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel has received Expert’s Choice Award 2017 from TripExpert and was ranked #1 among 4 and 5 star hotels on Facebook.“

We are looking forward to new emotions and experiences and move along the new year of 2018 with an aspiration for excellence.

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