11 Mirrors Design Hotel

11 Mirrors takes home three Travellers’ Choice Awards


For the sixth years running, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel is titled one of Ukraine’s leading properties, according to the world's largest travel site TripAdvisor. Kyiv’s unparalleled boutique hotel becomes a Travellers' Choice Award Winner as it garners recognition in three categories.

11 Mirrors ranks No.1 among Top 25 Hotels and Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Ukraine. It also makes it onto the list of Top 25 Hotels for Service in the region.

Travellers' Choice awards are the highest annual honour TripAdvisor can grant only to the world’s most outstanding 1% of hotels and accommodations based on opinions shared by travellers from all over the globe. This award really testifies to first-rate accommodation, quality of services and brilliant performance offered by hotels.

Here are some reviews reflecting our guests’ attitude towards 11 Mirrors:

1. “The service here is second to none. Girls on reception were extremely helpful”

2. “Having stayed in many Kiev hotels I saw this hotel ranked as number 1 on TripAdvisor so I decided to check it out. It deserves its rating”

3. “Everything was perfect. From the location to the design of the room and the overall ambiance. The room was spacious and very comfortable with a beautiful bar and windows overlooking the main street”

4. “What a fantastic hotel. One of the best I have ever stayed. Service is amazing! Where did they find this staff and who does the training? The rest of the industry could learn from the outstanding service at this hotel”

Maryna Leo (Rymarenko), Partner for strategic development at DEOL Partners, says: “11 Mirrors Design Hotel is a one-of-a-kind strong brand created from scratch and managed by DEOL Partners. Since its opening in 2012, 11 Mirrors has won numerous prizes, including TripAdvisor awards. We are delighted to see that our hotel enjoys a great popularity among international and Ukrainian travellers. At DEOL Partners, we are open for new ideas and joint projects with investors or owners – within and beyond Ukraine. As a developer and operator of successful hotels, we offer our operational expertise, industry knowledge and management services to generate guest satisfaction and maximize return on investment for property.”

Opened in 2012, Mirrors Design Hotel has become the first Design Hotels™ member in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. Another unique project, created from scratch and managed by DEOL Partners, is Senator Hotels and Apartments, Ukraine’s first and leading apartment hotel chain.

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