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11 Mirrors supports VIII International Book Arsenal Festival in Kyiv

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A wide range of new and unique books will be presented during the VIII International Book Arsenal Festival, joined by worldwide-famous art and literature experts.

The event will take place in Kyiv from May 30 until June 3, 2018 in Ukrainian cultural center and museum Mystetskyi Arsenal. The main theme of the 2018 festival will be “The Project of the Future”.

For multiple years 11 Mirrors Design Hotel has been the official partner of the festival, however, this year the event is especially significant. Wladimir Klitschko, one of the Originals of 11 Mirrors Design Hotel, as well as a box legend and entrepreneur, will present his book Challenge Management and speak on some of the insights gathered across his career.

The Book Arsenal will showcase original projects such as ‘Out of Sight’ (the Netherlands), an embodiment of storytelling, VR, and illustrations in a single art-exhibition, as well as the performance of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis in virtual reality presented by Goethe-Institute Ukraine and the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Over 75 well-known special guests will take part in the festival including: Caroline Lamarche – one of the most successful contemporary writers in Belgium; Julius Wiedemann – senior editor at TASCHEN, a publishing house in the UK; and Norman Ohler – a famous German author, novelist, and screenwriter.

The Book Arsenal Festival will also host an intellectual platform, where managers will have an opportunity to share business insights, discuss the models of the future, and learn how to come up with straightforward, effective management solutions.

The Book Arsenal Festival is a hub of wisdom and innovation that inspires new ideas. We believe that it has a strong impact on Ukrainian culture and we encourage you to add this event to your list of must-visit destinations.

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