11 Mirrors Design Hotel

11 Mirrors offers new spacious conference facilities to its guests


Good communication powers successful business, encourages creativity, expands personal and professional connections. All these things play an important role in lifestyle of 11 Mirrors’ guests.

With this in mind, we are happy to announce that from now onward our guests will be able to enjoy conference, meeting and event venue provided by our partner – Klitschko Expo.

A unique facility, Klitschko Expo was developed as the follow-up project to the museum-exhibition highlighting achievements of Klitschko brothers’ – two boxing legends. Over 50,000 people from all over the world attended the museum since its opening in 2014.

Numerous advantages make Klitschko Expo a perfect location to arrange business meetings, presentations, press conferences, trainings, online conferences, lectures, auctions, exhibitions, seminars and workshops. Benefits include:

/ Location: Easy to reach, Klitschko Expo is centrally located, in Kyiv’s business district, at the Olympic National Sports Complex.

/ Facilities: The main area of 334 sq.m can accommodate 50-200 people. A transformable hall with a sliding partition and two entrances can be customized to any individual event. The hall is equipped with a conference table, sound system, wireless microphones, Wireless high speed Internet (Wi-Fi), plasma display panels, video surveillance system, and kitchenette. In addition, a 614 sq. m adjacent outdoor terrace can also serve as a meeting place accommodating up to 350 people. The 200-car parking space is available.

/ Atmosphere: Above all, the location itself offers a very inspiring and uplifting experience. Our guests will enjoy a tour of the museum as well as hold their business meetings among unmatched memorabilia, including Klitschko brothers’ championship belts, robes, boxing gloves, medals, cups and other distinguished trophies. Guests will plunge into the boxing-fight atmosphere to savour the brightest moments in the career of the legendary champions.

To make it even more beneficial and enjoyable, 11 Mirrors Design Hotel offers special Klitschko Expo rates to our guests. For more details, please contact us via info@11mirrors-hotel.com..

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