11 Mirrors Design Hotel

11 Mirrors has been named #1 hotel in Kyiv by TripExpert

In the hotel


11 Mirrors is happy to announce yet another award! According to TripExpert the hotel is considered as one of the top hotels in Kyiv, and has also been selected as the winner of “Expert’s Choice” award.

TripExpert is a new type of a review site, also called AntiTripAdvisor. The difference is that the reviews don’t come from customers and general consumers, rather, it will aggregate expert advice about hotels from different media outlets.

“11 Mirrors is dared to be different. To be the first design hotel in Ukraine was a challenge for us at the beginning as we have presented the new niche to the market. Through our values, design and service 11 Mirrors’ team creates a unique atmosphere of a lifestyle hotel. And now we are delighted to receive so high rating and professional appreciation from TripExpert. It’s one more recognition mark for 11 Mirrors’ awards collection,” – comments Maryna Rymarenko, General Manager at 11 Mirrors Design Hotel and Partner at DEOL Partners.

TripExpert scores range from 60-100 and are comparable across destinations. A hotel that scores 80-90, whether it's in Paris or Penang, is an excellent hotel. 11 Mirrors’ Score is 86 and it means the hotel is just excellent.

The TripExpert Score is calculated using expert reviews from 60+ publications including travel guides, magazines and newspapers. They take into account the number of publications that gave reviewed a specific venue, as well as any score or rating that has been awarded. So, the TripExpert Score is the authoritative statement of overall quality.

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