11 Mirrors Design Hotel

11 Mirrors Chef’s Recipe Listed Among World’s Top-7 Recipes


The September issue of the world famous culinary periodical Chef Magazine ranked the recipe from our chef Taras Khrushch among its Top-7 recipes.

Chef Magazine writes about culinary arts professionals, as well as innovations and new-fangled food trends. For more than two years, the magazine has celebrated outstanding experts, while publishing their recipes, recommendations and success stories. Editors talk to the world’s best chefs to discover more about their approaches to cooking, to give a valuable insight into the culinary industry and present its talented masters.

11 Mirrors chef Taras Khrushch received recognition from Chef Magazine for the first time, and shared his unique recipe for Ukraine's most popular traditional dish – the borsch.

Since its opening, the 11 Mirrors restaurant has been offering its guests a relaxed atmosphere and sense of comfort and style. Thanks to our chef and his team, guests can enjoy the true harmony of tastes and flavours of the refined European cuisine.

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