11 Mirrors Design Hotel

11 Mirrors Brand Celebrates its Two Birthdays


This month we mark two important occasions – the birthdays of 11 Mirrors Design Hotel, on 11 November, and 11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar, on 14 November.

As we look forward to our exciting future, we would like to pay to our eventful past.

11 Mirrors Design Hotel is an independent, multi award-winning boutique hotel with its own philosophy that boasts a superb location in Kyiv’s historical center. It is a perfect place for business owners, company leaders, lifestyle travellers and independent, creative people.

Brief history in some facts and numbers:

-Developed from scratch in less than a year
-Unveiled 8 years ago (soft opening in June, grand opening in November, 2012)
-The first design hotel in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries
-Slogan: Reflecting you
-Has been host to travellers from more than 110 countries
-#1 Hotel in Kyiv and Ukraine, TripAdvisor.com, 2013-2020
-Ukraine’s Leading Boutique Hotel, World Travel Awards, 2020
-World’s Best City Hotel and Europe’s Best City Hotel, World Boutique Hotel Awards, 2016
-Many more international and national awards
-Our celebrity guests include Lady Gaga’s favourite designer Charlie Le Mindu; American singer and stage actor Adam Lambert; Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars; industrial designer Karim Rashid; Italian football manager Alberto Zaccheroni; cult Icelandic band GusGus; Italian writer Alessandro Baricco; Ukrainian singer and Eurovision winner Jamala and many more
11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar is a panoramic destination sprawling over the Hotel’s top floor. It is where fine dining meets art of bartending accompanied by glorious city views.

Brief history in some facts and numbers:

-Launched 2 years ago (soft opening in September, grand opening in November 2018)
-Served guests from dozens of countries
-Cited for its romantic atmosphere
-One of top 10% of restaurants worldwide, TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards, 2020
-#2 among Kyiv’s Fine Dining Restaurants on TripAdvisor.com
-Best Bar at a Hotel, The First Ukrainian Bar Awards, 2020
-One of TOP 25 Luxury Restaurants in Kyiv, Luxury Lifestyle Awards, 2020
-Finalist and nominee for the Best Hotel Restaurant, SALT (SIL) National Awards, 2020-2019
-Listed by national media among the Kyiv’s top restaurants with the best views, delicious meat dishes and unique signature cocktails
As a pair, the Hotel and Restaurant create an outstanding lifestyle hub that is the 11 Mirrors brand. It fulfils a vital mission – it brings together the like-minded people sharing the same values, and helps the global community shape a vision of contemporary Ukraine: cosmopolitan, inspiring, broad-minded, and collaborative.

We thank our dear guests and friends for being part of this wonderful journey. Please stay with us, our story continues.

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